Build Your Own Microscope

                  optical lens

The microscope can look at almost anything, except the thing you are working on right now. Although you can see most of the microscopic items, you need a more powerful optical lens to see the most important item on the slide. It frustrates you that you cannot see the materials that you need to study so what do you do?

The first thing that you try to do is look for a stronger objective, but you are using the strongest objective available to you. The second thing you do is look through a catalog to see if you can order a stronger objective and you discover that you are using the strongest objective that has been designed.

You decide that you need to design an objective specifically for the project you are working on. The first thing you do is draw out everything you need is to make the objective. The second thing you look for a company that can help you with your design and can have the objective manufactured just for you.

The process to build the objective is a little more complicated than you thought and you find some of the items that go into manufacturing the microscope. You have to pick out the type of glass that goes in the objective and then you have to figure out what kind of metal the objective is made from, and lastly, you need to know what the cost is of your design.

In some cases, you may want to patent your design since it is something that may not have been created and would be beneficial for others that work in your industry. Read more information about optical lens manufacturers come visit our site.