How to Find a Good Optical Lens Manufacturer for your Next Order


How to find a good optical lens manufacturer for your next order

If you need to order lenses from a new optical lens manufacturers, there are a few things you need to be sure of before you place an order with any company you have not used before.


These could be classified as common sense, but it is still good to always have a checklist before you place an order with a new company. That way you are all but guaranteed you will be happy with the lenses you get.


Do they have good customer service? -- When ordering lenses from a new manufacturer, the most important thing is to know that they have good customer service.


After all, problems can occur with any seller, so you do want to be sure they will be dealt with correctly if they do.


Do they manufacture lenses under international guidelines -- It does not matter where you order your lenses from, a good optical lens manufacturer should manufacture all their lenses under international guidelines.


Make sure you ask anyone you may order from what guidelines they use for their lens manufacturing, and if everything they produce is of the same high quality as a typical lens manufacturer in the U.S. or EU.


How fast do they ship? -- Whether you are planning on buying your next lens order from a company in the U.S. or one in China, you want to be sure you know how fast they ship their orders.


Check with any company you are interested in about both manufacturing times and shipping times, so that you have a good idea of how long you can expect to wait for your lenses from order to delivery.


These are just a few things to look for with a good optical lens manufacturer, but they are some of the most important.