Shanghai Optics Inc. - A Leader In Everything Optical!


Shanghai Optic Inc. has been an expert presence in the field of optics for close to 54 years now. They are the best when it comes to three areas in the optics field. These three sectors are no other than that of lens design, engineering, and assembly. Everything that Shanghai Optics does is custom, and that is the way it will always be. Because to be honest, the custom is personalized, and that is the way that all optical photonics products should be. No more, no less than that, for sure.


Some of the high-quality lines of optical photonics products that Shanghai does design and create are no other than these. They are high precision optical components, an optical design lens system, and opto-mechanical hardware of varying types. Some of this opto-mechanical hardware are of UV, Visible, NIR, SWIR, and LWTR applications specifically.


When it comes to the very broad field that does encompass optics, Shanghai Optics Inc. does indeed have it covered, and this means what it clearly means. There is nothing that they cannot do from a whole manufacturing aspect that involves years of professional expertise, skill, and knowledge combined all together. They offer a full spectrum of solutions from design and construction where prototyping to high volume production to beyond is the focus. Shanghai Optics Inc. is also ISO:9001 certified and their clients are in kinds of varying industries worldwide. Some of these industries do include defense, security, bioengineering, industrial, institutional, pharmaceutical, and research industries.


The capabilities of Shanghai Optics Inc. are as broad, as is, their commitment and mission goal to providing the very finest of all photonics products possible. These capabilities are what do set them apart as being a true leader in everything optic for sure. What drives this company to greatness is the fact that they do everything with great caring, precision, vision, experience, professionalism, and much more.


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